Hi, I'm Adrian Sieber

A software developer and entrepreneur

Check out my about page for a short summary and my resume for detailed information.

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  • Airsequel

    Airsequel automatically generates a complete GraphQL API and provides a spreadsheet UI, a SQL workbench, cloud functions, and a dashboard builder for your SQLite databases and CSV files.

  • TaskLite

    Full fledged CLI task manager built with Haskell and SQLite. I repeatedly lost tasks with Taskwarrior due to bugs and syncing issues and wanted something with a better workflow.

  • Perspec

    Scriptable desktop app to correct the perspective of images.

  • Transity

    Transity is a full fledged CLI based plain text accounting tool. Used for Feram's and my personal finances.

  • RosettaGit

    RosettaGit presents solutions to coding challenges in as many programming languages as possible. Started out as a fork of Rosetta Code.

  • Feram

    I co-founded Feram in 2017 and initially we developed a code liniting service until early 2019. It let developers find bugs in their code by automatically checking every commit with several dozen linters & code analysis tools. Afterwards it transformed into a software agency and is now the legal entity behind Airsequel.

  • educatopia

    I started Educatopia in 2013 during university because I was annoyed that there was no simple wiki like platform to share exercises (plus hints & solutions).

  • Shaven

    A DOM building utility and template engine where the virtual DOM is represented as nested arrays.

  • Fakesome

    Create fake data to populate databases, build API prototypes, train neural networks or generate names for your cats.

  • Timeomat

    Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch & Timer. All in your Browser.

  • Schifferpatent

    When I trained for my sailing license for Lake Constance in 2011 there were no good resources available except expensive books, so I built a website. I also started to build an English version: sail-guide.com

  • bitcoinate

    Add a button to your website to display your Bitcoin address in order to receive donations.

  • vectual

    A simple to use charting library originally implemented in JavaScript, but which I recently started to reimplement in elm.

  • Life Is Short

    A short reminder how precious each week of your life is.

  • UTCify

    Simple online converter to convert all date formats to UTC

  • CSStab

    A simple documentation page listing all CSS properties and selectors.