About Me

I'm Adrian Sieber (as you might have figured out by now…) and I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur living in Germany.

Currently I'm the CEO of Feram (feram.io) and we're developing Airsequel (airsequel.com).

Previously I studied IT-Systems Engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institut.

If you're interested in my work, make sure to check out all of my open source projects at github.com/ad-si.


Apart from work I used to make a lot of music, both electronically and with traditional instruments like Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, and Ukukle. However, nowadays I barely find the time anymore, but when I do I prefer my new favorite instrument, the LinnStrument.

As sitting in front of the computer the whole day is rather unhealthy I regularly go out for runs. In addition I like to go skiing in winter and sailing in summer.

Supporting Good Causes

True to the motto "Put your money where your mouth is" I join nonprofit organizations supporting my beliefs and donate regularly to them (you should too 😉):

I also regularly donate to free / open source software projects: