About Me

I'm Adrian Sieber (as you might have figured out by now…) and I'm currently an IT-Systems Engineering bachelor student at the Hasso Plattner Institut in Potsdam, Germany.

If you're interested in my work make sure to check out my GitHub account as I publish pretty much everything there. My main project at the moment, however, is a website for converting 3D-models to Lego models. I work on this with 4 fellow students as a part of our bachelor project. We will soon publish the website and the source code on GitHub. (Make sure to follow me on GitHub for updates!)

Apart from that I like to make a lot of music. My main instrument is the Saxophone. However, recently I only find time to grab my ukulele now and then and to strum and sing along to my favorite pop/rock songs.
There are even a few (really old) videos on youtube.

As sitting in front of the computer the whole day is rather unhealthy I regularly go jogging and do gymnastics. In addition I like to go skiing in winter and sailing in summer.